Internal / Operational audit

Internal / Operational audit

An internal / operational audit, performed by ARC People, determines whether your organization, or a part thereof, is sufficiently controlled. In other words: is your organization set up in such a way that your business objectives can be achieved efficiently?

An operational audit that focuses solely on a process is often called a process audit. Usually these process audits have a slightly more 'standard character'. Especially if it concerns audits of standard processes such as procurement, HR, etc. but also a compliance audit. For such audits ARC People has the associated standard approaches and standards frameworks.

Increasingly, however, operational audits nowadays take on a customized character. This involves an audit question that has never been answered before, usually of a thematic nature. You can expect ARC People to be able to translate the customized question into a concrete approach that fits the question.

ARC People already brings its audit expertise and (if necessary) industry expertise to many organizations. Would you like to discuss with us how an operational auditor of ARC People can support you in conducting or supervising your operational audit? We are happy to do so.

Basic Internal Audit Training

We also offer an Audit course to become an Internal Auditor. For anyone who is about to start in the audit field, or already has some experience.
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