Challenge in audit

July 1, 2019
In mid-February 2017, I could call myself a Business Administration graduate and entered the job market full of enthusiasm. Soon I found out that there were a huge number of companies looking for young professionals. On my first job choice, I quickly backtracked and also resigned within 8 months. During my second job search, I had changed my strategy, "no longer accepting everyone who has an offer but critically filtering the interesting positions out of the bulk and investigating if this suits me". During this period I spoke to very many recruiters by phone and received very many linked-in messages. For example, I also received a message from Sander van Oosten with a position that immediately caught my attention. After a first interview at Audit People, an assessment at Audit People and 3 job interviews at Detailresult, I had the challenging and interesting job I was looking for!

I have now been working for about 1.5 years in the position of employee Operational Audit & Risk within Detailresult, a supermarket organization which includes the Dirk and DekaMarkt formulas. Without having gained specific knowledge about Audit and Risk during my studies, I immediately went out to perform my first audit. Since then I have been involved in a wide variety of audits, including an audit of the self-scanning process and the labeling process in the stores, a payment transaction audit in the finance department and a review of the project management process in the building office. I am currently starting on the Real Estate Management audit, a business unit and process that really appeals to me!

The variety of the audits, the contact with many different people within the company and the fact that I have to use my curiosity within my job appeals to me enormously. I am therefore very grateful that I was given the opportunity to get to know this fun and varied profession!

Dorine Laumans, Operational Audit and Risk Detailresult Group